Taska Hand

7 key features diag v2The intention behind the design of TASKA™ was to make a super practical waterproof hand that “gives” and “flexes”. This may be why it feels more natural to use than others currently available, and why so many people easily adapt to its movements.

7 Key Features

  • Knuckle Breakaway
    Anti-damage knuckle breakaway is user-resettable to provide additional robustness.
  • The TASKA™ Control System
    Simple touch and go Easy to use GRIP CYCLE buttons provide simple access to grips and client diagnostic help.
  • The TASKA™ Low Profile Wrist Option
    A low profile wrist option allows the waterproofing to be extended up to the socket. The LP Wrist also allows for 90ºdeg of mechanical rotation.
  • Inbuilt Flexible Wrist
    Locks easily. Every model of the TASKA hand has an inbuilt flexible wrist with three lockable positions as well as centre biased free flexion.
  • Motorised Thumb Rotation
    Motorised thumb rotation mimics the real movement of the hand and improves grip speed.
  • Confident Grip
    Hold things with more confidence. Soft pads between the fingers and on fingertips, complement the flexible fingers to provide unparalleled grip security.
  • Flexible Fingers
    The fingers on the TASKA hand are flexible and can laterally spread allowing the hand to effectively grip a wide variety of objects firmly. “To be able to grip confidently is huge.