Kenevo Prosthetic Leg


A new option for increased confidence. Persons with lower mobility requirements usually receive a leg prosthesis that incorporates a mechanical knee joint. Now there’s a new option designed to provide you with a greater sense of security – the Kenevo prosthetic knee, with built-in microprocessors.

Microprocessor-controlled knees have been shown to reduce the risk of uncontrolled falls by up to 80% in moderately active persons, as well as improve the indicators of fall risk, such as fear of falling.

Stand and walk securely - With Kenevo, you can stand securely without having to worry about becoming unstable as you shift your weight. Kenevo is specially designed to enable you to take small steps safely – even while walking backward.

Change positions with ease - Do you sometimes need to pause a moment as you are sitting down or getting back up to a standing position? Kenevo enables you to ease down into a chair and back up again without feeling like you’re falling. You can also change positions without manually adjusting your leg, so you can roam hands-free, just like you used to do.

Move with confidence - There’s no need to avoid crowds for fear that you’ll be knocked off your feet by a little jostle. Kenevo allows you to recover your balance if you stumble or experience a slight bump. With Kenevo, you can also walk down stairs at your own pace, step over step.

Works well with walking aids - Kenevo is fine tuned to support the way people walk with walkers, crutches and canes, so it will support you every step of the way – no matter how you get there! If you sometimes use a wheelchair, Kenevo won’t get in your way. Kenevo’s wheelchair function enables you to keep adequate clearance between the prosthesis and the ground, so you can maneuver easily.

Adapts to your changing needs - Programmable options allow your prosthetist to adjust the level of support Kenevo provides so it is right for what you need right now. Kenevo can provide appropriate stability you as you challenge yourself to meet your recovery goals through rehab and as you may experience situations where you need more support.

Less worry for you and your family - As Kenevo helps you regain your independence, you can worry less about having to rely on family and other caregivers – and they will worry less about you. Kenevo can help you feel more confident in regaining your place in the social life of your family and friends, just like old times.