Silicone Centre Solutions

Our service includes the option of a custom-made, high-definition silicone cosmeses for upper and lower limbs, and scarring restoration.
We consider ourselves the best in the world in the field of custom silicone cosmesis. Our skilled artists are passionate about every cover we craft in-house at our Silicone Clinic, enabling us to create a lifelike cosmesis to match the sound leg or arm.

Using our exclusive Spectromatch skin colour matching technology, we can access up to 22,000 colours to closely match your skin tone. Skin pigmentation, freckles, veins, hair and even tattoos can be incorporated to give an authentic and personalised finish.

From partial to full covers, to scar disguise, individual digits and restoration covers, we have the capacity and skills to produce high-quality cosmetic covers that will make a positive difference to your daily life.