C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knees

C Leg right side view
Presenting with numerous innovative features, the C-Leg 4 empowers the user to tackle anything that daily life has to offer, from stairs and ramps, to varying terrains and even walking backwards.

With each movement the knee makes, its integrated microprocessor receives and processes sensor signals, intelligently controlling the knee in real time.

Bluetooth®  - The C-Leg 4's integrated Bluetooth® technology means that it can communicate directly with your devices, allowing it to connect and disconnect with ease.

Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) - Inside the C-Leg 4 sits an IMU made up of gyroscope and acceleration sensors - this allows the knee's processes to be measured and controlled based on motion analysis.

Hydraulic Unit  - The C-Leg 4's intelligent hydraulic unit is responsible for controlling the knee, continuously modifying resistance against flexion and extension during the stance and swing phase, responding to the needs of the patient.

New Carbon Frame Design  - Constructed using strong, high-grade and lightweight carbon, to carry you through daily life and protect the electronics - whilst the hydraulic unit and the battery lie inside the housing of the knee.

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