Bioness L300 Go System

bioness systemThe L300 Go system lifts your foot if you have drop foot, which can occur as a result of diseases of the central nervous system such as multiple sclerosis and infantile cerebral palsy or after a stroke. This improves your gait pattern, making it smoother and safer. The L300 Go stimulates the nerves that the central nervous system can no longer control. This is done using functional electrical stimulation with small electrical pulses. One electrode controls two stimulation channels. They are simply placed on your lower leg with a cuff and ensure that dorsiflexion is well balanced. If the knee is also unstable, the L300 Go can also trigger knee flexion and extension with an additional surface stimulator.


Multi-channel stimulation ensures well-balanced dorsiflexion.
The L300 Go also provides support in case of knee instability.
Intelligent 3D motion detection generates the stimulating pulse at exactly the right time.
An app can control the dorsiflexion system and measures your activity.