Above Elbow Prosthesis with DynamicArm

dynamic armThe DynamicArm Elbow prosthesis gives you the power and speed to get things done! It incorporates a powerful electric motor in combination with the Vario Drive clutch to help you both flex and extend your elbow—while holding up to 11 lbs!

Paired with the SensorHand Speed—the fastest, most powerful prosthetic hand available –the system is able to handle it all. Its Automatic Forearm Balance system spares energy and makes it look and feel even more natural.

Now available in black!
Display your cutting-edge technology in cutting-edge style. In response to the growing trend of openly displaying prosthetic technology, the new black version of the DynamicArm features our SiOCX inner socket and an open carbon-fiber frame for a modern, sophisticated look.


Give yourself a hand

with the fastest, most powerful prosthetic hand available! The SensorHand Speed opens and closes almost three times faster than other hands—300 mm a second!

And its Autograsp feature with sensor technology can tell when an object you’re holding begins to slip.

Flex your muscles!

The motor makes the DynamicArm elbow twice as fast as other electric elbows—only .5 seconds from extension to full flexion.

The elbow is proportional in speed and can actively lift up to 11 lbs (5 kg). It has a static holding capacity of 50 lbs (22 kg)!

Its Vario Drive clutch helps make it especially smooth when flexing and extending.

Natural and efficient

The elbow’s Automatic Forearm Balance takes advantage of the energy that is stored when the arm is extended and reuses it for flexion. This gives the elbow a smooth, natural swing when you’re walking.

Unlocks easily under load

The DynamicArm unlocks easily when under load, and can be positioned without having to send an unlock signal. This means that you can make fewer compensatory movements, and maintain a more natural posture.

Do the twist!

The wrist rotator is also controlled by your signals, so you can rotate your hand inwards or outwards without having to position it with your other hand.

Solid connection

Self-suspending socket (with or without flexible inner socket) is custom made and fits perfectly to your unique anatomy. It provides an intimate fit while maintaining a strong connection to the electrodes used to control the hand.

Hand in glove

The MyoSkin Natural prosthetic glove comes in 6 colors. Made out of multiple layers of PVC, the gloves keep out dust and dirt and matches the natural skin structure down to knuckles and veins.

Quick reflexes

The system reacts very quickly to your signals because it is built on the Axon-Bus technology, which integrates all the electromechanical components and transmits signals almost instantaneously to them.

Reliable power

The Lithium Ion battery delivers reliable, high performance. It powers the elbow joint, the wrist rotator, and the SensorHand Speed hand.