Genium X3 Prosthetic Leg

genium x3The world's most technologically advanced prosthetic leg.  The result of a collaboration between the US military and Ottobock, the Genium X3 is quite simply the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg.

You may have a challenging or adventurous lifestyle. Or, you may simply want to keep up with everyday activities (showering, hiking, running to catch a bus) without having to worry if your prosthesis can make it through.

Waterproof! - The Genium X3 has undergone stringent waterproof testing to IPX-68 standard. Fully submersible to 3 metres depth for up to 60 minutes, in salt or fresh water, the Genium X3 allows unprecedented contact with water. Perfect for anyone working near water or for activities such as showering, washing your car, or boating. (Just be sure to clean it afterwards.)

Real-world mobility - More physical capabilities than any other prosthetic leg including running, walking backwards, crossing obstacles in a more anatomically correct way, and climbing stairs step-over-step without massive compensating movement. You’re always in control.

Run, walk, run - Running on the Genium X3 prosthetic leg. - Via the remote, the Genium X3 switches into a larger swing angle for running and other sports. Plus, the innovative Walk2Run mode detects start-and-stop running (such as crossing a street or trying to catch a bus) and automatically increases your swing angle.

Smart control via the Cockpit app - With the new Cockpit app for Android devices, the new Genium X3 provides an easy way to control the joint. You can enable or disable functions such as the seat function. The app also displays additional information such as the charge level of the Genium X3 battery. A remote control is of course available as an optional accessory.

The most natural gait possible - An accelerometer and a gyroscope intuitively know where your leg is in space, using the same technologies from Wii™ gaming systems and smartphones, for a virtually natural gait. That means less worry of a stumble or fall and less concentration needed when you’re on the move.

Participating in sports - Approach it as a sport! Because the running mode keeps up with it. It was specially designed for sports activities. Its functions are adapted to running behaviour and based on the natural model. For example, an increased maximum flexion angle of the knee joint required for running is taken into account. And in case you stir up dust while running? Just do it!

Keep going for longer - The Genium X3 offers improved battery life and an automatic “sleep” mode. That translates into five plus days of use without the need for a recharge, giving you greater independence.

Every step is smooth and secure - Choose any of the Triton feet from Ottobock to complete your Genium X3 system -- these two are waterproof:

 - the Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions), or
 - the Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room

5 activity modes - Five activity modes allow your choice of activities –biking, golfing, driving, and more – activated using a key fob-sized remote. Just strap on the remote control via its Velcro wristband – you’re ready to go!

The advantage for bilateral prosthesis users - In the development of the Genium X3, we have paid particular attention to the needs of bilateral transfemoral amputees. Together with bilateral Genium X3 users, we have developed solutions that meet the desire for more stability and safety. An example is the conscious standing function. Here, you initiate the function for a natural standing deliberately and finish also with a distinct signal, and that by relieving the prosthesis or slightly stretching it.

Muting with the Mute Mode - Sometimes, a feedback by sound or vibration of the joint is not desired - for example, in the cinema, theatre, at work, around the middle of a lecture, or at home when children are asleep. With the new Genium X3, it is possible to activate the Mute mode via the Cockpit app or the remote control. Then, only emergency messages are sent by the joint.