Prostek has access to all the latest technological innovations that are available in the Prosthetic and Orthotic industry. We incorporate this technology into Prostheses and Orthoses where appropriate to achieve the best possible function, comfort and safety outcomes for our clients.

We have vast experience using high end technology such as:

  • Quantum Myo-electric upper limb prosthesis such as the I-limb and dynamic arm
  • Microprocessor controlled Prosthetic Knee units including Genium X3, Kenevo and C-Leg.
  • Highly functional dynamic response prosthetic feet including the Meridium Foot and Triton Smart Ankle.
  • Material technology such as carbon fibre, thermoplastic, silicone and gel interfaces
  • All the latest in Orthotic bracing development

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We use a Gait Analysis Video System developed by Siliconcoach. The system is specific to the Prosthetic and Orthotic profession and  helps us to assess and optimize patient outcomes.

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