Triton Smart Ankle

You alone decide how varied you want your everyday life to be!

With the Triton smart ankle, we are offering a prosthetic ankle joint which adapts intuitively not only to different walking speeds, but also to slopes, varying surfaces and different heel heights. The Triton smart ankle is built around the proven carbon fibre spring, which stands for dynamic movement and is featured in all the feet in the Triton range. The combination of the carbon spring and mechatronic ankle joint enables you to live exactly the life you want thanks to the extensive range of motion it gives you.

Wide range of motion

Thanks to the moving ankle joint, the Triton smart ankle facilitates walking on ramps, slopes and stairs as well as at different walking speeds. With a range of motion of up 34°, it adapts to the respective type of ground with every step.

Relief when sitting and standing

When sitting or when standing on slopes, the Triton smart ankle can lower towards the ground. This not only creates a natural appearance, but also above all provides relief for your residual limb.

Heel height adaptation

No matter whether barefoot, flat soles or heels, thanks to the heel height adaptation you can stand and walk in a balanced, stable way in any shoes - and at the touch of a button, too.

Operation via smartphone app

The Triton smart ankle can be operated easily and conveniently via smartphone app. An additional remote control is not needed. Besides the battery status and the heel height adaptation, the forefoot stiffness can be varied – to alter to a more relaxed or more dynamic walking style – or the ankle disconnected for a short time. During this period, you can move your foot into any position you like, which particularly makes it easier to put on trousers.